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Our mission is to create community and connection where men feel comfortable sharing what’s really happening in their lives.

We currently have men’s circles and are in the process of developing an online experience where you will be supported in creating change in all aspects of your life. This is also supported with our one on one coaching with our experienced counsellors.

Justin, husband, father and business owner

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. For not just your guidance or your coaching, but for being the person I needed when I was at my worst. I know I still have a lot of self development left to go, but I know and love how far I have come since we started. As I said earlier today and in the testimonial, I know for
me that the hardest part I faced weeks ago, was accepting that I couldn’t get through where I was alone.
That was the biggest gut wrenching moment I have faced, knowing that I need to get help before I completely burn out.

The improvements that I have noticed these last couple of weeks have been unreal! Im sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, talking more openly
with Chloe, being more understanding and comforting with my kids, working through the breath work with my family, im more structured and organized at work, I have no bad or good days anymore, I am way more productive than I think I have ever been haha. I am absolutely loving life and who I feel I am
I am excited to see what the future holds for me, and I am keen to progress further with the meditation and diving deeper, as daunting and scary as it seems, I  know it’s something I need to do and I welcome the challenge.
I truly can’t thank you enough for the guidance,

The time is now..
Life has this way of getting on top you, somewhere along the path you lost yourself.  All the responsibility, feeding and providing for your family became the priority.
Deep down you know the anger you carry does not belong to you and the shame and
guilt is overwhelming at times. Time is something that you feel is slipping away, it’s all we have right, the truth is if you have time for Netflix you have time for you. In our community spaces you will learn how to manage your emotions, release trauma and connect with your kids and wife in a more meaningful way.


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