Men’s Circles

The crew from our first men’s group in’s still going strong.

Men’s Circles

Fear is a funny thing that often stops men from coming along to a men’s circle, At times I think they have visions of men getting naked and chanting ancient scriptures. The truth it feels much more like sitting in a pub having a chat about what’s really happening in your life.

We share skills that you can take home such as box breathing (this is used by special forces) and often finish up with a meditation. The rest of the time we pass the talking stick and if a man resonates they’ll thank you for sharing as they have been having the same challenges in their life.

I call this the AHA moment, the realisation that you are not alone in this experience we call LIfe Our Men’s Circles are run virtually every second Tuesday of the month at 7PM AWST and in real life on the fourth Tuesday of each month.



I just wanted to let you that men’s circles have
allowed me to realise that I am not alone.
I’ve spent so much time dwelling on the past.
Spending time with other men talking it out
has helped me so much.

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